Availability Rule

The Availability Rule defines a recurring availability for a Service Provider. It defines what times can be booked by your Clients. To add an Availability Rule for a Service Provider:
  1. Select Manage/Service Providers.
  2. Select a Service Provider on the left (click on the Service Provider's label).
  3. Click on Add next to the Availability rules for <service provider name> title on the right.
  4. Enter the data required for defining an Availability Rule (see details below).
  5. Click on Add.

You can add as many Availability Rules to a Service Provider as you want.

The times defined by an Availability Rule can't be overlapped with the times defined by other Availability Rules. If overlap is detected you will get a warning message.

The data you have to enter to create an Availability Rule

Which weeks: It can be "Every week", "Every even week" or "Every odd week".
The numbering of weeks (which week is even or odd) depends on what day is set for the first day of the week. If you live in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the UK, you most likely set Sunday as the first day of the week. In this case the first week of the year starts on Jan 1. If you live in Europe or want to follow the ISO standards, you most likely set Monday as the first day of the week. In this case the first week of the year is the first week that has a minimum of 4 days.

Which days: select the days of the week.

Start time: the starting time of the availability on the selected days.

End time: the end time of the availability on the selected days.

Frequency: Frequency is the time between the bookable times offered for you clients. The first bookable time on the selected days will always be the "Start time". When you set the frequency, consider the length of the services and the breaks you might want to have between the clients.

For example if you have the below settings:
Start time: 10:00 am
End time: 1:00 pm
Frequency: 30 minutes

Then the following bookable times will be offered to your clients:
10:00 am, 10:30 am, 11:00 am, 11:30 am, 12:00 pm, 12:30 pm

Bookable service: Select the services that can be booked by your clients for the times defined by this availability.

Rule is valid from: The date when the rule starts.

Rule is valid until: The date when the rule ends. By default "Never ends" is checked, first uncheck it if you want to enter a date.