Booking by You and your Staff Members

You and your staff members can also make a booking in Booking Fellow in a similar way as your clients do. This can be useful if somebody wants to make a booking via phone.

Select "Book Now" in the main menu and you will be guided through the below 4-5 steps:

Step 1: Select service.
Step 2: Select service provider.
Step 3: Select date and time.
Step 4: Enter client info.
Step 5: Confirm booking.

Step 2 (Select service provider) is optional. Service provider can be selected by the system automatically, too. You can control this with the "Service provider selection mode" under "Other Settings" on the Booking Customization page.

At Step 4 (Enter Client info) click on the Search icons next to the Client name or Email address input fields to quickly find a client. Start typing the characters and you will immediately see the search results. Click on a client or press enter and the input fields will be automatically filled out.

The clients' data (name, email, phone) are automatically added to the database once a client (or you or your staff member) makes a booking online and then the data will be available for search.

At Step 5 (Confirm booking) you and your staff members don't have to enter an activation code, you can simply confirm the booking by clicking on the "Confirm Booking" button.

Once you confirmed the booking your client will get an email with the details of the booking. The email will also include a calendar file (ics file) that will make possible to add the booking to the client's personal calendar, too.