Booking by your Clients

When your Clients click on your "Book Now" button either on your web page, blog or Facebook page the Book Now page will be opened in the browser in a new tab.

Your clients are guided through the 5 or 4 step booking process:

Step 1: Select service.
Step 2: Select service provider.
Step 3: Select date and time.
Step 4: Enter client info.
Step 5: Confirm booking with a code sent to the client's email address.

Step 2 (select service provider) is optional. Service provider can be selected by the system automatically, too. You can control this with the "Service provider selection mode" under "Other Settings" on the Booking Customization page.

Your clients don't need to register. It's enough to enter their info (name and email address, phone is optional) once and if they leave the "Remember me" checkbox checked, next time the browser will remember them. They don't need to remember and use a password, they just have to enter the sent activation code each time to confirm the booking.

Once your client confirmed the booking they will get an email with the details of the booking. The email will also include a calendar file (ics file) that will make possible to add the booking to the client's personal calendar, too.

You can test what your clients will see with the "Test Book Now" button on the Booking Customization page (select Manage/Booking Customization in the menu).