Booking Customization

Select the Manage/Booking Customization menu. In the boxes on the left side you can edit your business information (this will be shown in the business info panel of the "Book Now" window). On the right side you can customize the behavior and the look of the booking process.

Logo or Photo
This is the image that your clients will see in the header of the business info panel during the booking process. The maximum size of the image that can be uploaded is 1024 KBs (1 MB). However it is recommended to upload an image with a size of 200-500 KBs because large images will affect the loading speed of the Book Now window.

Business Info Panel
The business panel appears on the right side during your client's booking process. It contains info about your business like the business name, logo, link to your webpage, email, etc. Here you can choose what info you want to show or hide on the business info panel.

Calendar Settings
These calendar, date and time settings apply for not just your clients' "Book Now" pages but also for all the admin pages in Booking Fellow.

Week starts on: Week can start on either Monday or Sunday.

Date format: Select the date format you would like to use (e.g.: mm-dd-yyyy).

Time format: 12 h am/pm format or 24h format.

Time zone: This is the time zone of your location (where your business is located). If your time zone is not set properly then click on Auto detect or if the auto detection fails then set it manually. Click here to learn more about time zones.

Other Settings
Show duration of services: During the Book Now process the duration of the services will be shown next to the services.

Service provider selection mode: During the Book Now process your clients can have the below 3 options how they select the service provider:
  • Show option "Any": Your clients will have the option to select "Any" if they don't want to select a specific service provider. If they select "Any" the service provider will be selected automatically by the system.
  • Hide option "Any": Your clients will not have the option to select "Any", they always have to select a specific service provider.
  • Auto-select: Your clients will not be able to select a service provider, this step will be skipped. The service provider will be selected automatically by the system.

Service provider type: Instead of using the term "Service provider" you can set a more specific name like "Barber", "Doctor", "Tennis court" etc. You can either select one from the list or you can also enter a new one. During the Book Now process your clients will see the name set here.

Booking in advance maximum (days): The maximum number of days your clients can book a service in advance. For example if it is set to 30 then the calendar will always show the bookable times for today and the next 30 days. This limitation applies only to your clients. If you or your staff member makes a booking then there is no such limitation.

Booking in advance minimum (hours): The minimum time before your clients still can book a service.

Keep old bookings for: The old bookings will be kept in the service providers' calendars for this time. You can select 1 month, 3 months or 6 months. After the selected time the old bookings will be permanently deleted. Of course if you connected a Google calendar then the bookings in the Google calendar will not be deleted by Booking Fellow. They will be kept according to your Google calendar settings.

Book Now URL
Use this URL to add a Book Now button (or link) to your website, Facebook page or blog.
  • Click on Edit to customize the URL by using your business name.
  • Click on Copy to clipboard then paste the URL where you want to use it.
  • Click here to learn how to add a Book Now button to your webpage or blog.
  • Click here to learn how to add a Book Now button to your Facebook business page.
  • Click on the Test Book Now button to see how the booking works with the current settings (this is what your clients will see).