Connecting your Google calendar

Connecting your Google calendar makes possible to have your clients' bookings not just in the Booking Fellow calendar but also in your Google calendar. This way you will have your bookings in 2 places, so you can use the Google calendar as a backup copy of your bookings.

You can connect any of the service providers' Google calendars by following the below steps:
  1. In Booking Fellow select Manage/Service Providers.
  2. Select the service provider.
  3. Click on Edit next to the service provider's name.
  4. On the Edit Service Provider dialog box select the "Connect Google Calendar" checkbox.
  5. In the "Google email" field enter the email of a Google account (by default it will be the same email that you entered for the service provider, but you can use a different account, too).
  6. Click on "Save Changes".

You can also connect a Google calendar the same way during adding a new service provider.

How does it work?

When your client makes a booking, the system automatically sends an email to the service provider's Google email address. This email contains an iCalendar attachment (ics file) that will automatically add the client's booking to the Google calendar. Of course the booking still will be added to the Booking Fellow calendar, too.

Since you will get an email about each booking, it is recommended to create a filter in Gmail that will automatically move the emails to a dedicated folder (label). Click here to learn how to create a filter in Gmail.

Why don't we use the Google Calendar API instead of sending iCalendar files?

An other option could be using the Google calendar API to add an event to a Google calendar. Unfortunately during the tests we experienced issues with the Google Calendar API which would make the process unreliable. So finally we decided to rather go with the iCalendar method described above.