Managing staff member access

When you signed up, you created a business owner account that has full access to all features of the Booking Fellow service. If you want your staff members, coworkers to use this tool, then you can create accounts for them with limited access rights by simply inviting them:
  1. In Booking Fellow select Manage/Staff Member Access.
  2. If you want to invite a service provider, who has already has been added, then simply click on Invite in the list.
  3. If you want to invite a staff member who is not a service provider in Booking Fellow (e.g. a receptions who handles the incoming calls) then click on Add next to the Staff Member Access title. Enter the staff member's name and email address then click on Invite.
  4. The invited person will get an email with a link where they can create their account. Their username will be their email address and they have to set a password. Then they can login with their email address and password.
  5. You can revoke the access from a user anytime by clicking on Revoke access in the list.

The invited users's access rights

  • They wll see all the service providers' calendars.
  • They will be able to book/cancel an appointment for every service provider.
  • They will NOT be able to manage services, service providers, availabilities and booking settings.