Quick Start

Step 1 - Add the services provided by your business

  1. Select Manage/Services.
  2. Click on Add next to the Services title.
  3. Enter the service name and the duration of the service then click on Add.
  4. To group the services add separators by clicking on Add separator.
  5. You can drag and drop the services and separators to change their order.
  6. Your clients will see the separators and services in this order during the Book Now process.

Step 2 - Add your service providers and define their availabilities

A Service Provider can be either a person who provides services, or it can also be a resource like a tennis court that can be booked.
  1. Select Manage/Service Providers.
  2. Click on Add next to the Service providers title.
  3. Enter the service provider's name, email address, phone number - these are the info that the clients will see.
  4. Select the services that the service provider will provide.
  5. Optionally connect the service provider's Google calendar.
  6. Click on Add.
  7. Define the availabilities of the service provider:
  • Single day availabilities override days defined by availability rules.
  • Non-availabilities override availabilities defined by both single day availabilities and availability rules. This is how you can set holidays, days off and hours off for a service provider.

Step 3 - Customize the booking process

  1. Select Manage/Booking Customization
  2. In the boxes on the left side edit your business information (this will be shown in the business panel during the booking process).
  3. On the right side edit the different booking customization settings.
  4. Click on the "Test Book Now" button to test what your clients will see during the booking process.