Single Day Availability

The Single Day Availability defines a one-time availability for a Service Provider on a single day. It defines what times can be booked by your Clients. To add an Single Day Availability for a Service Provider:
  1. Select Manage/Service Providers.
  2. Select a Service Provider on the left (click on the Service Provider's label).
  3. Click on Add next to the Single day availabilities for <service provider name> title on the right.
  4. Enter the data required for defining an Single Day Availability (see details below).
  5. Click on Add.

You can add as many Single Day Availabilities to a Service Provider as you want.

Important: the Single Day Availability overrides the whole day defined by any of the Availability Rules! This is how you can make exceptions for the days defined by the Availability Rules.

The times defined by a Single Day Availability can't be overlapped with the times defined by other Single Day Availabilities. If overlap is detected you will get a warning message.

The data you have to enter to create a Single Day Availability

Date: the date you apply the Single Day Availability for.

Start time: the starting time of the availability on the specified day.

End time: the end time of the availability on the specified day.

Frequency: Frequency is the time between the bookable times offered for you clients. The first bookable time on specified day will always be the "Start time". When you set the frequency, consider the length of the services and the breaks you might want to have between the clients.

Bookable service: Select the services that can be booked by your clients for the times defined by this availability.