Time zones in Booking Fellow

Your time zone is automatically set during the signup. To check if your time zone is properly set, select Manage/Booking Customization. You will see the current time zone setting under the Calendar Settings.

If your time zone is not correct or not set then click on Edit next to the "Calendar Settings" then click on "Auto detect". If auto-detection fails then set your time zone manually.

Your clients who are in your time zone

Your clients who are in your time zone will see the same times in their calendars that they selected during the booking process in Booking Fellow.

Your clients who are not in your time zone

Your clients who are not in the your time zone will also see the times in your (local) time zone when they book a service. Also the times of the booked appointments will not be converted to their time zone in their calendars. Of course if they travel to your location they will still see the times in your local time zone.

The reason why the times are not converted in your clients' calendars to other time zone

Although there is an option to add an event to a calendar with converting the time to the time zone of the calendar's owner, we don't use this option. Our experience is that since the daylight saving time happens at different times around the world, many calendars can't handle this properly and show inaccurate times during the time until all the time zones change to daylight saving time or back to standard time.

So, to stay on the safe side we decided to always use the service provider's local time in Booking Fellow to avoid any possible confusions.